Israeli App Tracks Lost or Abducted Children

It is a fear of all parents: losing track of their young children and in doing so exposing them to being lost or abducted, never to be seen again.

Fear no longer, for an ingenuous new Israeli cell phone application promises to make the worrying prospect a thing of the past.

Safie, the application developed by Harel Feder of "Feder Enterprise," is installed on the cell phone of the parent and child. Through the app, which uses Google Maps software and interface, parents can track their children by following the trajectory of their phone.

The app offers updates around the clock as preset by concerned parents, and features an easy to use interface.

After entering the child's daily timetable, parents can check the movement of the child on a map throughout the day and night and ensure they reached their destination – it can even track several children at once.

No less than five adults can track each child, with updates on the child's location sent via e-mail. The app can even be installed in a concealed version without the child knowing, although in that case the panic button is absent from the child's end.

For regular installations, the panic button sends a vocal signal to the parent's phone in addition to an emergency e-mail, and it likewise records the child's location continuously with an update sent every minute over the course of 15 minutes.

Feder is the owner and CEO of Maakav Technical Services, in addition to being the exclusive distributor of the E-Fit brand in Israel, and partner and co-CEO of Feder Enterprise.


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