Israeli backpacker confirmed dead in Georgia

The body of an Israeli backpacker was found Sunday in Georgia, almost a week after all contact with him was lost. Dor Cohen, 22, from Jerusalem, went missing after embarking on a three-day trek through the country’s mountainous Svaneti region.

Cohen was traveling with a friend but the two split and agreed to meet up at a later stage. Cohen never arrived, prompting his travel mate to alert rescue services. His Israeli insurance company sent a search helicopter which joined local search efforts that combed the area in recent days, to little avail. 

On Sunday afternoon, Cohen’s body was found at the foot of a steep cliff. The Harel insurance company sent a team to help extract the body, which they said needs to be carried out to camp before being picked up by a helicopter on Monday. The Cohen family has been informed and requests that the media respect their privacy.

On Saturday, an Israeli in his 30s died in a car accident in Thailand. The Foreign Ministry said it was helping the family see his body returned to Israel.


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