Israeli court backs deporting asylum seekers and arresting those refuse

The Be’er Sheva District Court rejected a request from human rights organizations on Sunday to issue an interim order preventing the deportation of asylum seekers to Rwanda and Uganda, as well as against indefinite detention for those who refuse to leave Israel.

The petition was filed by two Eritrean citizens now being held in the Holot detention facility who refused to leave Israel for Rwanda, and were subsequently notified they would be transferred Saharonim detention center until further notice. 

The court froze their transfer from Holot to Saharonim when the petition was filed, but now the government is allowed to detain them and others in the same situation.  The court’s ruling will allow the government to implement the new policy that was exposed by Haaretz in late March.

“The petitioners did not present me with a substantiated evidentiary basis  of the personal, specific danger they face and the general fear they noted is too broad  and nonspecific; and does not seem to testify as to the general rule,” wrote judge Rachel Barkai in her decision.

She said that even if the plaintiffs’ testimony about a lack of status and basic human rights  facing those leaving Israel for Uganda and Rwanda was true, “then these seem to be specific cases that do not represent the rule. On this matter we must consider that as of today some 2,000 people have left Israel and the evidence of a few individuals cannot indicate the overall situation.”  


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