Israeli Defense Firm Wins $$150M Dutch Contract

The subsidiary of an Israeli defense electronics firm has won a contract from the Dutch of Ministry of Defense worth $150 million, Reuters reported.

Elbit Systems Ltd said Thursday that its subsidiary will be tasked with providing advanced systems for infantry soldiers in the Benelux countries – Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemberg. 

The contract, set to last a period of five years, will see Elbit Systems Land and C4I Ltd serve as the program's prime contractors, while Thales Netherlands BV will be the main sub-contractor. 

Other local companies are also expect to take part. 

As part of a cooperation between the Benelux countries' soldier modernization programs, the Smart Vest program will provide infantry soldiers with a light-weight system that will help them enhance safety and survivability, while also expanding their capabilities on the battlefield. 

According to Reuters, Smart Vest will include wearable, protective systems for each infantry soldier, command and control systems, as well as specialized displays and vehicle systems. 


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