Israeli man killed in plane crash in southern Israel

A 70-year-old Israeli man was killed on Saturday morning after his small plane crashed near Hatzeva, a town in southern Israel. His plane went down at roughly 7:30 A.M., and a team of Magen David Adom paramedics rushed to the scene to find him there in critical condition. Attempts to resuscitate him failed.

“The pilot was found unconscious, trapped in the wreckage, without pulse and not breathing,” paramedic Eli Shriki told Haaretz. “Along with an IDF medical team that arrived on the scene, we tried to resuscitate him but his injuries were very severe, and after a short time he was pronounced dead.”

In January, two Israelis were killed in a similar small plane crash near Rishon Letzion. Their plane circled back ten minutes after taking off due to heavy fog, and when attempting to land, they crashed at the landing strip.



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