Israeli police arrests youth for calling Mohammed a pig

Israel Police arrested on Monday a Jewish youth who shouted insults to the prophet Mohammed, in the second such incident in days and amid heightened Israeli-Palestinian tensions in Jerusalem and the West Bank, police said.

The religious young man was filmed shouting “Mohammed is a pig” several times in Jerusalem’s historic Old City. A young woman was filmed shouting the same phrase on Thursday.

Jerusalem police spokeswoman Luba Samri said the police would show “zero tolerance” toward such provocations.

An Israeli settler woman on Thursday was caught on camera shouting “Mohammed is a pig,” as a group of Muslim women were heckling a group of Jewish women visiting the Temple Mount.

The Muslim women shouted “God is great” and “Slaughter the Jews” at the Jewish women, after which the settler shouted the insult.

The settler was arrested by police who accused her of incitement. A Jerusalem judge released her on Sunday after giving her a temporary restraining order from the Old City of Jerusalem.

The arrest Monday comes after four Palestinians were killed during confrontations with Israeli forces in the West Bank.

Violence also erupted on Sunday in Jerusalem’s Temple Mount compound. Dozens of Palestinians youths barricading themselves at the Al Aqsa Mosque and clashing with Israel Police forces sent to the scene.


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