Israeli Security Officer Identified After Jordanian Outlet Publishes Name

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hugs the security officer from the Israeli embassy in Amman Jordan who was stabbed by a terrorist. July 24, 2017

Israel’s security establishment has cleared for publication the name of the Embassy security officer in Amman who shot and killed two Jordanian nationals last week after he was attacked during a delivery of furniture to an apartment in the complex.

Ziv Moyal, 28, is a resident of southern Israel. He was working as a security officer in the Israeli Embassy in Amman at the time of the incident, after which he, Israeli Ambassador Einat Schlain and the entire 30-member embassy staff immediately returned to Israel, once Jordanian security permitted them to leave the country.


Moyal’s name and identifying information was censored up to this point, but has now been released following the exposure of his identity by the Jordanian newspaper, Al-Rad.

Jordan is calling for an investigation and trial of Moyal in Israel on murder charges.