Israeli Tourist Killed in Swiss Avalanche

An Israeli tourist was killed Monday in an avalanche that occurred at a ski resort near Interlaken in western Switzerland, the Foreign Ministry said Monday night. 

The news of the tourist's death was subsequently delivered to his family.  

The Israeli consulate in Switzerland is preparing for the transport of the body back to Israel. 

In another recent incident at a ski resort near the Swiss border with Austria, four people were killed in an avalanche. 

Last October, four Israelis perished in a snowstorm that struck the Himalayas in Nepal. 

The names of the Israeli casualties were Nadav Shoham of Mitzpe Hoshaya; Agam Luria, 23, of Kibbutz Yifat; and Lt. Tamar Ariel, 25, of Masuot Yitzchak – Israel's first religious female air force navigator; and 36-year-old Michal Cherkesky of Givatayim. 

Cherkesky's body was found six days after the storm. 


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