Israelis fear accidents more than terror

Almost 50% of Israelis fear that they or their loved ones will be hurt in traffic accidents, according to a survey by the National Authority for Road Safety. This – compared to about 40% who fear wars and terror attacks, and 29% who fear diseases.

The survey was carried out in the course of the last six months, and is being published for Road Safety Week.

According to Israel Hayom, the survey found that 55% admitted to sending text messages while driving in the course of the last six months. In addition, 56.5% said they spoke on a cellphone without a speaker while driving. Almost 10% drove while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Almost 80% admitted they had driven over the permitted speed limit, 10% drove without a fastening their seat belt and 14% transported their children without a safety seat.

The Director of the National Authority for Road Safety, Mordechai Behiri Duani, said that "the data provide a clear picture, according to which the citizens understand that road accidents are the biggest threat to their lives."

Regarding the punishment for road traffic violations, 67.5% said the punishments are currently too light. 


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