Israelis open their homes to shelter evacuees from wildfires

As the wildfires around Israel rage on for the fourth day, hundreds of Israelis living in unaffected areas open their hearts and homes to take in evacuees fleeing the wildfires currently burning across central and northern Israel. According to Channel 10 News, more than a quarter of Haifa’s population had to be evacuated. However since the evacuations began, individuals, municipal and regional councils, political parties and high-tech companies around Israel began organizing efforts aimed at housing those who had to leave their homes.

“When I called the Municipality of Haifa to volunteer my network of establishments, I was told to ‘get in line’ because more than 700 people have already called them before I did and offered to host Haifa’s fleeing residents,” Ronen, a resident of Moshav Keshet who coordinates a network of businesses willing to host evacuees, told The Jerusalem Post.


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