Israel’s Biblical heartland gears up for Passover tourism influx

The Passover holidays typically see a major boost to Israeli tourism, with both domestic and foreign tourists flocking to holy sites, or to enjoy the holy land's beautiful spring weather.

One area of Israel which has experienced significant growth in the number of visitors over the past several years has been the Samaria region where, despite – and at time precisely because of – the complex security and political situation, ever more Israeli and foreign tourists have been traveling to experience Israel's Biblical heartland firsthand.

The growth of Samaria's tourism industry has been spurred both by a concerted effort by locals to market their communities and holy sites, as well as recent government investments to the region.

But the most significant factor of all is the region itself – a point the Binyamin Regional Council (situated immediately north of Jerusalem) has underlined in a new video highlighting the wide range of attractions in their backyard; from ancient historical and Biblical sites and archaeological digs, to nature reserves, bike trails, fine wines, hotels and more.

And it's all just a short drive from Jerusalem and Israel's beaches. What's not to love?


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