Israel’s president is the new darling of the left

Had he been standing for any kind of election on Friday afternoon, President Reuven Rivlin, a former Likud MK, would have won unanimous approval – not necessarily from his former colleagues on the right of the political spectrum, but surprisingly those on the left.

Disturbed by the threats and curses aimed at Rivlin on social media, the Labor Young Guard together with the Labor Student Movement organized a kabbalat shabbat – the traditional "receiving of the Sabbath" that is customary in Jewish households on Friday night – opposite the President’s Residence on Friday and made it public through SMS alerts to Labor members, newspapers, radio and social media.

Despite the heat and the proximity to the Sabbath, several hundred people – not all of them Jerusalemites – came to demonstrate their support for Rivlin. Many came with babies or with toddlers perched on their shoulders. Some came with dogs.


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