It could have been averted

Because many listeners found last week's program particularly informative and a great help to counter the anti-Israel argument and to explain why Arabs have no right to our country, Walter talks this week among several other items about the reasons why the Palestinian Arab point of view has been so successful in persuading a great part of world opinion, that they are the oppressed and occupied and why Israel failed in countering their propaganda machine and what should be done now.

Hear: The full speech by Prime Minister Netanyahu to the Conference of Presidents of American Jewish Organizations.

Also:  Israel's proposed suspension law explained. If you have not heard of this very important law, here is your opportunity. It's about how to keep enemies out of the Knesset.

And : How would a law dealing with cults affect the Chassidic communities.  A most important consideration.

Plus: The controversial statements about the dilemma of dealing with terrorists in general and child terrorists in particular.  Hear Walter's suggestion.

And: A celebration of the life and times and music of Irvin Berlin.

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