It Runs in the Family

You can train and practice all you like, but if you ain’t got the genes, you are probably going to have to put in that little bit more to keep up with the scions of great masters. Chuchito Valdés, who will be here from October 26 to 31 to perform seven gigs as part of the first installment of the 2015-16 Hot Jazz series, has undoubtedly got the pedigree.

The 49-year-old Cuban-born pianist, arranger, composer and band leader not only has a famous dad, but his grandfather was one of the mainstays of the golden age. The latter, respectively, are 74-year-old multi- Grammy winning pianist Chucho Valdés and Bebo Valdés, who was a star of the pre-revolution vibrant Cuban music scene and died two years ago at age 94.


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