Italy: ISIS supporters wanted to attack Israeli embassy, Vatican

On Thursday, police in Italy released arrest warrants for six people for planning to join ISIS, Reuters reports. Three of the suspects reportedly wanted to carry out attacks on the Israeli embassy and the Vatican.

Authorities have already arrested four, a man, a woman and a couple. The other two, a husband and wife, are still missing and believed to have traveled to Syria and Iraq last year. All but one, the missing wife, are Moroccans. The wife is Italian.

One suspect was recorded saying that he had talked with an Albanian man in order to obtain a weapon to attack the Israeli embassy in Rome. Separately, another declared, "I swear I will be the first to attack them in this Italy of crusaders, I swear I'll attack it, in the Vatican God willing."

"The new aspect here is that we are not talking about a generic indication (of an attack) but a specific person being appointed to act on Italian soil," says a prosecutor, adding that "Rome attracts attention because it is a destination for Christian pilgrims."

While Italy has not suffered a terror attack in the past few years, it has arrested a number of extremist suspects.


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