Jerusalem gay pride parade stabbing suspect rejects court’s authority

A Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court judge extended the remand of Yishai Schlissel for 12 days at a Friday hearing for allegedly stabbing six people at the capital’s annual gay pride parade the previous day, although the ultra-Orthodox suspect said he rejects the court’s authority.

Schlissel, 50, of Modi’in Ilit in the West Bank – who was released from prison three weeks ago after serving a 10-year sentence for committing a similar crime at Jerusalem’s 2005 gay pride parade – said the court had no jurisprudence because it did not “follow the rules of the holy Torah.”

“I do not accept this court’s authority,” Schlissel defiantly told Judge Chana Miriam Lomp during the hearing. “This court is part of the mechanism of evil. I have no interest in cooperating at all. I do not recognize any of the regime’s institutions.”


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