‘Jerusalem giant, pillar has fallen, went straight to Gan Eden’

It is with great shock and extreme sadness that we announce the passing of  Dr. Irving Moskowitz z"l to Gan Eden.

Irving's neshama-soul has gone to "Yerushalayim Shel Maaleh" (Jerusalem of the Heavens) and he will be in a place of honor for the righteous, next to The Throne of Glory.

Irving Moskowitz was a giant of this generation who has effectively secured a united Jerusalem for the Jewish People. 
Known in many circles as the "Montefiore and Rothschild" of our times, he has redeemed, built and uplifted Jerusalem from the mounds of destruction and desolation.
Together with his wife Cherna (May she live till 120 years) they have revitalized Jewish life, in and around the Old City, by helping to establish Jewish neighborhoods, and returned Jewish life to the Holy Basin. 

Irving Moskowitz has changed the face of Jerusalem for the good, and no one can stand in his footsteps, for his achievements have reached the Heavens.

Thousands of Yeshiva students,, children and families living in the Old City, Abu Tor, the City of David, Kfar HaTeimanim of Shiloach, Shimon HaTzaddik, Beit Orot, Maaleh HaZeitim, Kidmat Zion and Ganei Yitzchak are indebted and forever grateful to Irving Moskowitz z"l. The same people are now in mourning, as is Am Yisrael.

Ateret Cohanim has lost a pillar, a guardian and a truly modest benefactor and builder of Jerusalem. Jerusalem has lost one of "her" dearest of friends.

The Moskowitz Family has lost a husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather.

Our hearts and warm wishes go out to Cherna and the wider Moskowitz Family, and we hope that they will be comforted by Hashem, along with generations of mourners of Zion and Yerushalayim, and be comforted by Jerusalem herself.

Irving Moskowitz was an idealistic pioneer, who feared G-d only, and who built the eternal Jerusalem. He had the key to Jerusalem, and was in fact, part of the fabric of Jerusalem itself. His memory and legacy will be everlasting.

Ateret Cohanim
Ateret Cohanim
Ateret Cohanim
Ateret Cohanim
Ateret Cohanim

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/213761

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