Jerusalem Grandparents Teach Children to Play ‘Old-School’

What better way is there to get to know your grandparents and great-grandparents than to play with them the games they used to play as children?

That thought inspired the Jerusalem protected housing project "Beit Tovei Ha'Ir" to launch a new initiative, by which older tenants played their childhood favorite games with their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The housing project held a special activity this week in honor of summer vacation, in which the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of roughly 200 older tenants were invited for a day to hang out with their grandparents.

"Beit Tovei Ha'Ir" filled its lobby with trampolines, bulls-eye stations and mini-golf courses, which the children enthusiastically enjoyed – despite the lack of a screen and electricity, as is so ubiquitous in the current generation's entertainment.

They then moved on to other classics such as Hopscotch, Plonter, Marbles and blocks.

The producers of the day prepared a "game-kit" with the various games included and gave a set to each child that participated.

Referencing a famous water park, one of the tenants said, "we can’t take the children to the Luna Park, so you brought the Luna Park to here."

Another tenant in a wheelchair said, "I wish I could dress like the children myself and participate in all the activities."

Some of the participants had four generations present, as the family gathered together around common fun.


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