Jerusalem Home Front Command district simulates missile attack on capital

The Home Front Command’s Jerusalem District reached a peak level of activity during the week-long national war drill on Tuesday, which simulates war and heavy projectile attacks from multiple fronts.

Col. Shai Belaish, commander of the district, told The Jerusalem Post that he expects the capital to be targeted by Hezbollah in the event of a future conflict, as it was by Hamas in Gaza last summer during Operation Protective Edge.

"Are there strategic targets in the city that the enemy will try to hit? The answer is affirmative. We have to assume that the city of Jerusalem is threatened – not to the extent that the north is, but still, it is threatened. We must coordinate expectations with the public… the ability of the enemy to include Jerusalem as a target has already happened. Now, we have to ask what we do if it happens again," he added.


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