Jerusalem remembrance wall pairs Diaspora children with those murdered in Shoah

Nearly 10 years ago, when a boy from St. Louis, Missouri, named Max Levin visited Jerusalem with his parents to celebrate his bar mitzva, he came across books in the capital’s JNF-KKL office commemorating the 1.5 million Jewish children murdered during the Holocaust.

Seeking to dedicate his ceremony to a meaningful cause, Max had an epiphany.

“I knew that I wanted my bar mitzva project to deal with the destruction of the Holocaust and rebirth of the Jewish people in the Jewish homeland,” he said of that time. “When I saw those books, I knew at that very moment that I wanted to dedicate my bar mitzva to the kids in those books – the ‘lost children of the Holocaust.’” Aided by his parents, Bud and Judy, Max worked with the Jewish National Fund to create the JNF-KKL B’nai Mitzva Remembrance Wall, which allows Diaspora teens to forge a direct link with the lives of young people murdered in the Holocaust.


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