Jerusalem’s new chief rabbi stresses importance of Zionism and city reforms

Until October last year, the city of Jerusalem had been without a chief rabbi for more than a decade. Moreover, until 2014 the country did not have a high ranking rabbinical position that was filled by a rabbi from the religious-Zionist community, with the national chief rabbi positions having been filled for many years by haredi figures, and the most prestigious municipal chief rabbi spots also occupied by haredi rabbis.

But following a bruising and tendentious campaign, Rabbi Aryeh Stern, a leading light of the religious-Zionist community, was elected to the prestigious position of Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem.

Speaking to The Jerusalem Post, Stern outlined the necessity for a municipal chief rabbi in light of the fact that Jerusalem managed its religious services without one for so long, while underlining the importance of having a committed and dedicated Zionist rabbi in senior rabbinical office.


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