Jesse’s back, evil pols and lost ‘Girls’

 Breaking Bad fans will remember Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman, Walter White’s partner in crime, and now he is back starring in a new series, The Path, which runs on HOT VOD and HOT Plus on Tuesdays at 10 p.m.

The movie is set in a cult in upstate New York. Paul plays Eddie, a man who joined the cult decades ago after his brother committed suicide. Eddie is married to Sarah (Michelle Monaghan), the daughter of one of the cult’s founders. She chose him over her first boyfriend, Cal (Hugh Dancy), who now runs the cult. The cult seems to be a genial hippie-ish mishmash of New Age philosophy about ascending the ladder and letting in the light, but Eddie is beginning to have doubts about it. As he meets with a defector after an upsetting experience at the cult’s spiritual center in Peru, he begins to learn upsetting secrets about the group.


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