Jewish and Arab-Israeli high school students converge to debate

Or Katz and Maayan Amid and their teammates from the Reali Haifa school, take the trophy, after dozens of high school students from both the Jewish and Arab-Israeli sectors came together Tuesday for a day-long debate tournament, run by the Institute of Ideas Debating Matters Competition, a London based organization that has recently started its debate program in Israel, in partnership with the Anglo-Israel Association.

The competition, held in English, was the culmination of months of preparation by the students at the eight participating schools. This tournament is one of the only English-language debate tournament for high school students in Israel.

Ohad Davidow, teacher and coach of the winning team, who also serves as the Chairman of the university level Israeli Debate League, says "I’m very proud of the effort and force of will that my team has shown today and proven that they believe that words and ideas can make a difference for the better."


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