Jewish Home Activists Boycott Campaign in Jerusalem

The Jerusalem branch of Jewish Home announced on Monday morning that it will not take part in the party's elections campaign, in an act of protest against party head Naftali Bennett.

The decision was taken in light of what the branch defines as "the decision of the party to bring in an external elections headquarters to the city of Jerusalem."

A senior member of the party told Arutz Sheva that the Jerusalem branch announcement is merely the tip of the iceberg in terms of the rage growing among party activists on the ground, against the leadership's management of the campaign.

In this context, the source revealed the details of a party meeting held on Sunday in a restaurant in Ramat Gan, in which members of the party took part, and during which party activists accused: "you neglected (work) on the ground."

"There's great anger on the ground because there aren't enough budgets for the activists," added the source. "There's no money for activities at the branches, all the money is invested in Facebook."

The member added that this policy was given expression in the internal forum of Jewish Home youth, where similar claims were raised and the activists were told "the mandates will come from Bennett's Facebook."

"They think they're Likud"

Jerusalem branch chair Itzik Moshe explained the move, saying "after they brought someone from outside in here, someone who doesn't know Jerusalem, I let them know we won't be part of the headquarters in the city. We will vote for Jewish Home but we won't be part of the campaign."

"Bennett's aides and advisers are disconnected, and maybe they think they're Likud," Moshe charged. "It's nice to bring secular and traditional Jews, but not at the expense of knitted kippot (national religious Jews). Every city has its character. We have to work with new media, but also on the ground."

Apparently responding to the widespread fallout, the party is expected to hold its first meeting of Jewish Home youth on Monday at the party's Rosh Ha'ayin branch.

Bennett is also expected to launch a new "Bennett-bus" promotional initiative, which will involve acquiring a bus and driving around the country advancing his campaign, starting from the north.

In response to the statements of anger against its management, the Jewish Home party stated, "it's very important to recruit yourself for the success of the party in elections, we are happy that there's enthusiasm on the ground to bring Jewish Home to the highest number of mandates against the left."


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