Jewish lawmaker endorses Sanders for president

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate and current Rep. Alan Grayson has endorsed Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign.

Grayson, who represents Florida's 9th district, made the announcement earlier this week, right before Super Tuesday. With the announcement he became the first Jewish American lawmaker to back Sanders.

Grayson had, for months, been coy about choosing officially between Sanders and Hillary Clinton and started an online poll last month, asking supporters to help him decide to whom he should give his endorsement and "superdelegate" vote, reported the Miami Herald.

Grayson's Senate campaign said Monday that more than 376,000 people nationwide participated in his poll, and 86 percent wanted him to back Sanders, leading to the announcement.

In his announcement, Grayson heralded his decision to host an online poll as "a bold move to give power to the people."

He pointed out that "Bernie has defied The Establishment and monied classes who control our rigged political system", according to the Miami Herald.

“Bernie Sanders and I share a goal of building a grassroots movement of people who want to take back our country from the billionaires and the multinational corporations,” Grayson said. “We want to make elections into something different: Not the lesser of two evils, but the greater good."

One of the problems that have been dogging Sanders is Clinton’s overwhelming lead in superdelegates – party officials who may vote in the Democratic National Convention for whichever candidate they see fit.

Earlier this week, in “Super Tuesday” voting, Sanders won four states, while Clinton won seven.


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