Jewish man mistakenly shot in Jerusalem identified

A gag order was lifted on the identity of the Jewish man who was mistaken for a terrorist and shot dead Wednesday night in Jerusalem; the man was named as Simcha Hodedtov, a 28-year-old resident of the capital.

Police revealed the apparently mentally unstable immigrant from Dagestan shouted "I am ISIS!," while grappling with soldiers near Jerusalem's String Bridge, and after trying to grab one of their weapons he was shot dead.

An initial police investigation has found the incident started when two soldiers tried to get on a bus at Yermiyahu Street apparently after finishing a shift of guard duty. 

Hodedtov, who worked as a security guard for a kindergarten, was getting off the bus when he spotted the soldiers and demanded to see their identity cards. In doing so he raised their suspicions, at which they asked to see his identity card.

It is suspected the situation deteriorated into a clash at that point, with Hodedtov striking the soldiers and trying to steal the gun of one of them. A bus driver who saw the incident tried to help control Hodedtov while using an electric shocker.

However, Hodedtov apparently continued to try and steal a gun from the soldier despite the electric shocker, and began shouting "I am ISIS!"

A security guard who was on the scene saw the struggle taking place, and ran to help, shooting Hodedtov. The soldiers themselves then fired at him.

Only afterwards did it become clear that the man was a Jewish resident of Jerusalem; police are continuing in their investigation of the tragic incident.


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