Jewish MP tells French PM: France must fight Jihad worldwide

In an appeal to French Prime Minister Manuel Valls in the National Assembly on Wednesday, Meir Habib, a Jewish member of the French parliament, said France needed to be realistic about the threats that it faced.

“It's true that at the current time ISIS is our greatest enemy, but we must realize that ISIS is just one component of the international Islamist Jihad movement.

Who ever heard of ISIS three years ago? No one,” said Habib. “But Jihad was around, and now, as then, the civilized world must put an end to this. It is a cancer that can attack Paris, Ankara, New York, or Jerusalem.”

You are correct, MP Habib,” Valls said. “We need to be more efficient, and fight Jihad in any form, wherever it crops up.”

Valls said during the discussion that “the biggest victims of Muslim terror are the Muslims themselves. We must therefore fight Jihad with the idea that this is a universal value. We are fighting terror in places like Mali, assisting the people there to fight off Islamist terror, and we will fight worldwide if necessary.”

Speaking to Arutz Sheva earlier this week, Habib said that the attacks last Friday “was France's September 11. Nothing will ever be the same. We had the terror attacks in Toulouse, at the Hyper Cacher, and now this.”


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