Jewish PAC will prod women to vote Clinton

The Joint Action Committee for Political Affairs (JACPAC), a pro-Israel Jewish PAC with a liberal domestic agenda, has announced that it is throwing its support behind Hillary Clinton in her bid for the presidency. It noted that women’s votes will be “critical” in electing Clinton and promised to make an effort “to get the vote out.”

“Hillary has first-hand experience in diplomatic efforts to create a peaceful resolution to the Arab-Israel conflict. She is uniquely qualified to promote and protect the special relationship between the U.S. and Israel,” said Marcia Balonick, executive director of JACPAC. “We are confident that Hillary will work to ensure that Israel remains safe and secure in a tumultuous region. She also understands the importance of maintaining strong bi-partisan support for Israel.”

“Hillary has demonstrated throughout her entire career her unwavering commitment to protecting women’s access to abortion and reproductive health care,” Balonick stressed. “We know that as President, Hillary Clinton will always be a champion for women and families. When more and more restrictions are preventing women from making their own personal health care decisions, it is critical to have someone in the White House that will stand up to the extreme forces in Congress.”

“A Hillary Clinton presidency will be an important step to safeguarding JAC’s issues. The women’s vote will be critical to Hillary’s success, and JAC will be working hard to get the vote out,” Balonick added.

JACPAC calls itself a bipartisan political action committee committed to "the special relationship between the US and Israel," and to a social agenda that includes "reproductive choice" and separation of religion and state. It has endorsed both Democrats and moderate Republicans in congressional races.

According to JTA, JACPAC’s endorsement at this stage in the race for the Democratic party's nomination to the presidency “also reflects the Clinton campaign’s bid to garner Jewish institutional support for the candidate in the face of a stronger than expected challenge by (Bernie) Sanders, the first Jewish presidential candidate to win major party nominating contests.”

Another Jewish PAC, NORPAC, does not make endorsements, but its president, Ben Chouak, has endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), while NORPAC has raised funds for both Cruz and Clinton.


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