Jewish Student’s Murder ‘Covered Up By German Far-Right Cult’

The alleged "suicide" of a Jewish student from London in 2003 was actually a set up by a far-right German cult, who murdered him and covered up his death by staging a fake traffic accident.

German police at the time ruled that 22-year-old Jeremiah Duggan had committed "suicide by traffic accident" after running into oncoming traffic following a meeting of the shadowy LaRouche Schiller Institute in Wiesbaden he had been attending.

His family, however, never accepted the suicide verdict and insisted he had been murdered by the anti-Semitic group.

Now those fears appear to have been confirmed as an inquest into his death which opened Tuesday heard how Duggan, from the London suburb of Golders Green, was targeted by cult members after identifying as Jewish and raising an objection to accusations that "the Jews" were responsible for the 2003 Iraq War during the meeting.

The inquest was ordered in 2010 after suspicions were raised over the true circumstances of Duggan's death.

Forensic expert Alan Bayle told North London's Coroner's Court that there was no evidence whatsoever to suggest the student had been hit by the two cars said to have caused his death.

No traces of Duggan's blood or clothes were found on either car, and the damage to them was in fact consistent with blows from heavy metal implements such as crowbars, as well as another vehicle, indicating the damage was staged to look like they had hit him. The body and cars were also "in the wrong place" at the "crash site."

Moreover, he found that while the "very light sand" which was found on both the cars and Duggan's body came from the same place, they were not from the site where his body was found, suggesting the death took place elsewhere and that his body and the cars were moved afterwards.

Bayle suggested the victim had chased down by attackers in the cars to a quarry, where he was murdered and then moved to a "stage managed" crash site.

"In my opinion Mr Duggan has either gone through a quarry or building site," said Bayle, a former British police forensics officer, according to the Evening Standard. "They are actually racing these cars around trying to follow him, hit the cars – they have gone over posts and over bumps – and that’s what’s caused the damage."

"You have got two vehicles there, there's quite a lot of damage there's no forensics on Mr Duggan's body that compares with the damage that's on the two vehicles. The police said it's a traffic accident but to me it looked nothing like a traffic accident.

"If you are going to hit a car and you hit the windscreen and the shards of glass are everywhere there has got to be a transfer of glass, blood on both it seems one on the body the other on the vehicle," he added.

Instead, he noted, "There’s nothing, absolutely nothing."

"It didn't take me long to look at these photos to say where is the traffic accident then? This is a crime scene."

The findings will also raise questions about how German police could have so badly bungled an apparently blatant attempt to cover up a murder.

The court also heard how Duggan had made several frantic calls to his girlfriend in Paris in the hours before his death, warning her that "very serious things" were happening and that he "was under too much pressure."

Less than an hour before he died he called his mother and told her "I'm in big trouble."

It is believed the young student was not aware of the LaRouche Schiller Institute's true nature when he joined up, after encountering members at a protest against the Iraq War.

He then underwent a five-day brainwashing session together with other cult members – which included chanting, one-to-one discussions, singing and lectures – before attending the fateful meeting.

A sociology student who had attended the sessions for academic purposes recounted in a written statement how a naive Duggan quickly became sucked into the group.

"He was critical at the beginning but at the end of five days… all that was lost. Eating and sleeping, singing together you end up being exhausted with no power to think for yourself.

"He was exhausted and just focusing on doing what they wanted him to do."


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