Jews and Arabs making music together

The Jewish Arab Institute of the Histadrut will hold the One Note for Coexistence music show at the Duhl Center in Tel Aviv on Wednesday night, at 7 p.m. The show will feature a glittering array of top Jewish and Arab musicians, and is designed to express a sense of unity – a particularly poignant sentiment in the wake of the recent acts of violence.

The eclectic artist roster features internationally acclaimed veteran singer-guitarist David Broza, the Mediterranean Andalusian Orchestra Ashkelon with conductor Tom Cohen, Christian Arab singer Mira Awad, conductor and accordion player Ettie Tevel, Arab singer Nasrin Kadri, kippa-clad multi-instrumentalist and singer Ziv Yehezkel, who performs as soloist with the Classical Arabic Orchestra of Nazareth, and opera singer Daniella Lugassy.


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