Jordan Exposes Identity of Israeli Embassy Security Guard

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hugs the security officer from the Israeli embassy in Amman Jordan who was stabbed by a terrorist. July 24, 2017

Jordan is continuing their campaign against Israel.

Yesterday, a Jordanian newspaper, Al-Ghad, published the Jordanian diplomatic ID card of the Israeli embassy guard who killed a Jordanian terrorist who attacked him in the embassy’s residence building last week.


A second Jordanian, the building’s landlord, was accidentally killed in the crossfire. Israeli investigators believe the landlord was trying to pull the terrorist away from the guard as the guard opened fire. The guard had been stabbed three times by the Jordanian terrorist.

Following the exposure by Jordan, the Israeli censor subsequently cleared for publication the name of the guard, identifying him as Ziv Moyal, 28, a resident of southern Israel.

Following the attack, the Jordanian government held the Israeli embassy personnel hostage until PM Netanyahu agreed to their terms, which apparently included removing the metal detectors from the Temple Mount, which were placed there following the Islamic terror attack at the Jewish holy site, in which two Israeli policemen were murdered.

There has been an upswing in Jordanian nationals committing terror attacks against Israelis and US citizens. The Jordanian government has yet to condemn any of the terror attacks committed by their citizens and, in fact, has increased its anti-Semitic rhetoric.

Yesterday, the King of Jordan said he wanted to stop the “Judaisation” of the holy places [in Israel].