Jordan Returns Ambassador to Israel

Jordan announced on Monday that its ambassador to Israel would return to his post in Tel Aviv three months after he was recalled over "violations" at the Temple Mount – those "violations" referred to talk of allowing equal Jewish prayer rights at the holiest site in Judaism.

"We have asked Ambassador Walid Obeidat to return to Tel Aviv," government spokesman Mohammad al-Momani told AFP.

Jordan recalled Obdeidat on November 5 after Arab rioters attacked police with rocks and other projectiles at the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Mount, and police responded by locking them in the mosque.

At the time Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh described Israel's enforcement of law and order on the site as "violations" and "way beyond the limits."

In response to the escalating tension at the Mount, whereby Arab assailants constantly riot to close the site to Jewish access and Arab nations pressured Israel, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu declared his desire to preserve the discriminatory "status quo" at the site, which is under the de facto rule of the Jordanian Waqf (Islamic trust).

Under the Waqf, Jews are forbidden from praying; Netanyahu emphasized at the time that Jews would still be allowed to visit their holiest site, but that the discriminatory ban on Jewish prayer would remain.

Relations with Jordan, Israel's supposed "peace partner," have become more and more openly sour of late, with the Jordanian parliament last November holding a special prayer session for the two Arab terrorists who committed a brutal attack on a Jerusalem synagogue, murdering four Jews at prayer and beheading two of them, as well as murdering a police officer.

Jordan's Prime Minister Abdullah Nsur also sent a letter of condolence to the families of the two murderous terrorists.

Jordan has recently threatened to revoke the 1994 peace treaty over tensions at the Temple Mount. It also has been leading the Palestinian Authority's (PA) "diplomatic war" on Israel at the UN.


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