Journey to Bat Ayin

The child of good American Jews who put great value on social action and education, Adam Perlman grew up being very uncomfortable with anything connected to traditional Judaism, and dropped Hebrew School after his Bar Mitzvah. While studying at Trinity College, Adam spent time in China, in Italy and in England before his first taste of Israel. 

It was in Israel that Adam felt most at home, and before finishing his final year of college, he decided he would make Aliyah. Back in the U.S., he worked closely with a Palestinian professor from Beir Zeit University. In 1990, when Adam returned to Israel, he jumped right into the middle of a war zone, courtesy of Saddam Hussein. Adam was at the Kotel when he was invited to taste his first Shabbat, a life changing experience for him.

Tune in to find out Adam's parents' reactions to his life choices, his life lessons from the three rabbis who have inspired him most, and Rabbi Nachman of Bresslov's story, The Turkey Prince.

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