Judge gives go ahead Israel’s version of ‘Burning Man,’ but demands control of nakedness

After several days in which police refused to give a permit to hold Midburn, Israel’s version of the “Burning Man” festival, a Beersheba Court ruled that police must approve a permit, and required that organizers adhere to some of the police demands.

The demands include that nudity only be allowed in closed off areas not accessible to minors, that glass bottles not be allowed inside, that motorized vehicles including bikes not be allowed, and that CCTV cameras be posted, though with the stipulation that they not be placed where they can film inside private areas.

The court also allowed the entry of vehicles for disabled people, as well as a controlled number of RVs.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Culture/Judge-gives-go-ahead-Israels-version-of-Burning-Man-but-demands-control-of-nakedness-403406

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