Justice Ministry closes probe against cops in case that inspired Ethiopian-Israeli protests

Police tasered, allegedly abused Yosef Salamsa months before he committed suicide • By BEN HARTMAN The Justice Ministry has decided to close criminal proceedings against the police officers at the center of a case of alleged abuse that was at the center of Ethiopian-Israeli protests against police brutality in recent years.

According to the ministry’s Police Investigative Department, there was not enough evidence of criminal wrongdoing against the officers who used a Taser on Yosef Salamsa, but their conduct during the incident should be examined by the police disciplinary branch.

The ministry did however rule that the officers lied when they said in their report that they had warned Salamsa before they used the Taser on him.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Justice-Ministry-closes-probe-against-cops-in-case-that-inspired-Ethiopian-Israeli-protests-444905

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