Kahlon, Netanyahu squabble in attack ads using each other’s words

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Likud and his former minister, Koolanu lead Moshe Kahlon, got into an unusual ad war Wednesday, using the other’s words against them.

Koolanu, a centrist party that has been stuck at eight seats in polls for the upcoming Knesset, released a statement slamming Netanyahu for Israel’s economic problems.

"Netanyahu failed and is responsible for the economic collapse of the Israeli citizen. It’s not enough to defeat Hamas, Iran and ISIS. We must win the battle for life, for the cost of living. Netanyahu failed and the nation of Israel lost. Only Kahlon will win in the economy," the party said in a statement.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Politics-And-Diplomacy/Kahlon-Netanyahu-squabble-in-attack-ads-using-each-others-words-389999

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