Kahlon willing to give Finance Ministry to Herzog if coalition not widen

Israel’s credit rating is not rising because international credit agencies perceive that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s narrow, 61-MK coalition is unstable, Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon warned Monday in a briefing for parliamentary reporters in the Knesset.

In a report released October 16, in which the international credit agency Fitch affirmed Israel’s rating but did not raise it, the agency wrote that Netanyahu’s small majority is constraining policy-making in his administration. Netanyahu’s associates have denied that assertion, saying that the coalition’s homogeneity creates stability and helps the prime minister govern without having his arm twisted by politicians with different agendas at opposite ends of the political spectrum.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Kahlon-willing-to-give-Finance-Ministry-to-Herzog-if-coalition-not-widen-430096

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