Kibbutz Movement Lambasts Lapid for ‘Inaccurate’ Criticism

Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid vociferously attacked the Kibbutz Movement on Friday after learning that representatives from "Breaking the Silence" spoke at its annual youth event. 

"Here is more proof the Israeli Left has gone off the rails: ever year the Kibbutz Movement holds the 'Rhapsody' event in which hundreds of youths participate. This year they decided to invite for a special program – representatives of the "Breaking the Silence" organization, who wander around the world with foreign aid, vilifying the State of Israel with anonymous testimony," Lapid wrote on his Facebook page.

"This is the menu this defamatory organization offers to youths before the draft – unverifiable evidence, accusing the IDF of war crimes that never happened," Lapid added. 

"Many youths shocked by the lies of 'Breaking the Silence' complained, so 'Rhapsody decided they deserved to hear something other than lies. They invited representatives of 'My Truth' – a Zionist movement of commanders and soldiers who discuss the real facts."

According to Lapid, "their testimonies, spoken with pride and honesty, bring out the truth that 'Breaking the Silence' and other left-wing organizations try to hide: the IDF was and remains the most moral army in the world."

However, it appears, the Yesh Atid chairman got his facts wrong, Walla! News reported, and the Kibbutz Movement invited organizations of all political stripes to the event in advance, not as a result of complaints against their inviting 'Breaking the Silence."

According to the Kibbutz Movement, representatives of the Jewish Home and Kulanu parties, IDF commanders, lone-soldiers, members of the Bereaved Families Forum, etc., also came to address the youths, in order to expose them to different Israeli viewpoints. 

"It is unfortunate to see how a politician in Israel making cynical use of partial and inaccurate information which was also taken out of context, without checking the truth," the Kibbutz Movement wrote on its own Facebook page. 


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