KIDDUSH HASHEM: Frum Man Allows Disheveled Man To Sleep On His Shoulder On NYC Subway; Then Gives Food To Homeless Man

The attached images (see below) were taken on Wednesday on the Q train from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

An eye-witness took the photos and submitted them to YWN.

In his own words, he tells YWN the following:

“Upon entering a packed Q train in Union Square, I immediately noticed an observant Jew sitting on a seat, and on his left there was a disheveled man who from exhaustion has fallen asleep & rested his head cradled in the Jewish mans shoulder.

The young fellow – possibly a Yeshiva boy – didn’t flinch and sat there like a soldier allowing the man to rest the entire train ride unhinged by those surrounding him.

All took notice as he showed selfless compassion for another human being and did it with a smile.

If that wasn’t enough, he than gave his personal food to a homeless man who walked into the train. When I confronted him after and thanked him for his inspiration, he humbly replied “G-D gave us shoulders to use for good”.

YWN notes that is 2013 a photo went viral on mainstream media outlets of a black man sleeping on the shoulder of an Orthodox Jewish man – also on a Brooklyn-bound Q train.

This is an incredible act of pure kindness & compassion for another human being with no discrimination based on race, religion etc.

Please share this story in the hopes that the mainstream media will once again publicize this incredible story and spread this Kiddush Hashem!

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