Knesset child’s rights panel head: West hypocritical for courting Iran as it executes minors

The West is embracing a regime that executed 73 minors in the past decade, despite its purported defense of human rights, Knesset Committee for the Rights of Children Yifat Shasha-Biton (Kulanu) said Saturday night, citing a new report on Iran from Amnesty International.

“The Amnesty report is further proof of the Western world’s hypocrisy, most of all that of the US, which presents itself as a defender of human rights, but embraces the representatives of a country whose laws allow it to execute nine-year-old girls,” Shasha-Biton said.

The Kulanu MK added: “Iran was and continues to be a dangerous country to the world and to its citizens. This danger must be fought, not embraced.”


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