Knesset Speaker: Hypocritical of Italy, France to host Rouhani on Holocaust Memorial Day

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein and European Jewish leaders decried the "hypocrisy" of France and Italy hosting Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, president of a Holocaust-denying regime, on International Holocaust Remembrance Day Wednesday.

"I have no words for the hypocrisy of the presidents of countries, like France, that on International Holocaust Remembrance Day host the President of Iran," Edelstein said in the plenum. "We will have to continue our struggle to make sure the Holocaust is remembered and so that others’ consciences will speak to them."

Edelstein mentioned the Holocaust cartoon contest sponsored by the Tehran municipality this week, carrying a $50,000 prize, saying: "We all thought the president of Iran was a cruel and insensitive person who hosts a Holocaust denial exhibition.


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