Knesset votes to continue work on bill to force-feed hunger-striking prisoners

Legislation allowing prisoners on hunger strike to be force-fed was expected to move forward in the Knesset Monday night.

The bill would allow the prisons commissioner to ask a court for permission to force-feed a prisoner, if a doctor recommends doing so and there is an imminent danger of a severe deterioration in the prisoner’s health. The court will have to review the prisoner’s mental state, the dangers of force-feeding via a feeding tube and its invasiveness, the prisoner’s stance on the matter and other considerations. If the request is authorized, the prisoner can be fed against his will and a prison guard can use physical force to ensure the prisoner is fed.

The vote Monday night, which passed with 53 in favor and 50 opposed, was on whether to continue the legislative process from the last Knesset, in which the bill passed a first reading.


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