Kulanu MK seeks to mandate an extra week of vacation days for workers

MK Rachel Azaria (Kulanu) has a solution for parents who have trouble keeping up with their children’s days off school: More mandatory vacation days for workers.

“I tried to understand why it is that every time children in Israel have vacation, all the parents are hysterical, but when I was young, it wasn’t like that. Kids had the same amount of vacation days then as they do now,” Azaria explained on Wednesday.

The lawmaker came to the conclusion that the current law on vacation days, which gives workers 10 days for the first four years and an increasing amount from the fifth year, was legislated in the 1950s based on the assumption that people were likely to stay in the same workplace for much of their adult lives.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Kulanu-MK-seeks-to-mandate-an-extra-week-of-vacation-days-for-workers-403664

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