Labor MK Biran warns of Corbyn’s ‘disastrous’ anti-Israel stances at UK Labour Conference

UK Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn’s positions on Israel can be disastrous not only for the Jewish State, but for his own party, MK Michal Biran (Zionist Union) said at the UK party’s conference in Brighton.

Speaking on a panel, Biran, who attends many international Labor events, spoke of the awkwardness of a sister party being led by someone who is “friends” with Hamas and Hezbollah, calling it a "weird situation."

Corbyn has said that he considers Hamas and Hezbollah to be friends. Earlier this year, he accused a UK Channel 4 News reporter of “tabloid journalism” for asking about the statement, before clarifying that he meant it in a “collective way” and that making peace requires talking to “people with whom you profoundly disagree.” He has also accepted funds from organizations that contribute to Hamas, including to pay for a trip to Gaza in 2013, according to The Telegraph.


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