Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn: Anti-Semitism ‘abhorrent and wrong’

Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn condemned anti-Semitism late Sunday night, after weeks of blatantly hateful remarks by members of the party against Jews and Israel. 

"Anti-Semitism is absolutely abhorrent and wrong,” he stated, on a BBC One interview. “Anyone that commits any act of anti-Semitism, that makes anti-Semitic remarks, is auto excluded from the party and an inquiry follows immediately."

"We have suspended, we will suspend, any member that behaves in that way," he added. 

Corbyn's statement surfaces after weeks of unfettered hatred from Labour party members toward Jews. 

In March, Vicki Kirby, a party organizer banned for calling Hitler “a Zionist god” and ridiculing Jews for having “big noses," was readmitted into the party.

More recently, Bob Campbell, a party activist, was criticized for suggesting that Israel was behind the ISIS terror organization.

And earlier this week, a former mayor of Bradford and Labour member, Khadim Hussain, posted comments on Facebook decrying Holocaust education and alleging that Israel had armed ISIS.

Corbyn himself is infamous for being a Hamas and Hezbollah sympathizer, calling both terror groups his “friends."

The comments have sparked a massive backlash from across the political and religious spectrum, with not only the UK's (Jewish) Board of Deputies demanding action, but a call to renounce the statements from the former Archbishop of Canterbury as well. 


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