Lapid Accuses Netanyahu of Deepening Social Rifts

Yesh Atid chairman MK Yair Lapid participated at the "Friday Chair" panel at Ashkelon Academic College, and strongly criticized Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

"Anyone who exploits a terror attack which deepens the rift between the citizens, is not worthy of being prime minister," Lapid stated, referring to the car terror attack at Shinjil junction in Samaria a day before on Thursday.

"The prime minister said he condemned the attack, but then started doing these accounts over whether those who condemned the attack against Arabs, condemned enough attacks against Jews."

"Is it your job? To attack and drive a wedge between the Israelis a little more, split and instigate them against each other?" he added. "You are the prime minister of Israel, it's your job to unite and reconcile and not to further deepen the rift and hatred of in Israel."

Lapid qualified that while the State should wage war on terror, "we must remember that we have to live together. The role of leadership is to enable people to live together."

Lapid also referred to the rift between Netanyahu and Washington over the Iran deal.

"The agreement with Iran is a very bad agreement," he said. "I was in Washington, I explained to them that they cannot blame us that we care more about the threat directed at us – we're the target of the Iranian bomb."

"Now we have a new threat that our deterrence was damaged, for years the whole world knew that Israel and the US were hand in hand, the Western world has always believed that the United States would not move without talking to Israel," he said. "The crisis with the US endangers the security of Israel, the prime minister is leading us to a bad place. "


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