Lapid Predicts New Elections by 2016

Yesh Atid chairman MK Yair Lapid definitely plans to run for Prime Minister during the next elections, he revealed Monday night – and has learned a few lessons from the 20th Knesset elections in March. 

"We learned that the Left is not a leader," Lapid said, speaking to Knesset reporters. "None of us were able to beat [Binyamin Netanyahu] in the previous elections and become Prime Minister." 

Lapid added that he has learned that the key to winning is focusing on national-security issues, not the economic and social issues which headlined his last campaign. 

He predicts that he will get a second chance before long, however. 

"The budget and the government will fall in early 2016," he predicted, adding his thoughts that when it does, it will be over a culmination of small issues, not large divisions. 

MK Lapid also referred to his relationship with Education Minister Naftali Bennett and the Jewish Home party – and addressed both in relatively positive terms.

"Bennett is still a friend and a good friend who makes me laugh a lot," Lapid said. "I am disappointed that religious Zionism has failed and chose to be partisan instead of being a bridge of various sectors of Israeli society.

"Jewish Home had a choice between Judaism and the settlements and they chose settlements," Lapid continued, adding that the choice "was a betrayal of the legacy of Rav Kook," the spiritual leader of religious Zionism in Israel. 


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