Lapid Predicts ‘Next Election Will Be Me vs. Bibi’

Yesh Atid Chairman Yair Lapid predicted Thursday that he and Binyamin Netanyahu will facing each other in the next race for the prime ministership.

"It certainly seems logical to me to hear 'Prime Minister Yair Lapid,' our assumption is that it will be Netanyahu and I,” Lapid told an interviewer. “Netanyahu has been prime minister for so long, so people find it difficult to imagine other people, but a living democracy needs to recognize this. These will be elections in which people will decide between the past and the future, between hope and despair. Our working assumption is that it will be Netanyahu and me.”

Regarding Yitzhak Herzog, the current Opposition Head, Lapid said that "people understand that the Left will not win elections here, so the electiosn will be between the Center and the Right. If I look at myself, it would be Lapid against Netanyahu."

Lapid also addressed the gas formula published over the last day and made it clear that his party will not support it. "We got up in the morning and saw that there is no monitoring mechanism and that is why I voted against the blueprint. Even if I had been in the coalition, I would have voted the same way. The goal is to lower prices, that's all."


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