Lapid Takes on BDS in British Media

Yesh Atid party chairman MK Yair Lapid briefed foreign journalists in London Wednesday, and talked with them about the international media's biased coverage about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Lapid stressed during the briefing that their attempts to cover the situation in a balanced way actually obscures the truth – that Palestinian terrorists stabbed, run over and kill Jews in the street just because they were Jews.
"I am angry at how the situation is covered in the British media," he began. "I think you're trying to cover the situation in a fair way, but it is very interesting that most of the coverage is always biased to the same side."

"At the moment the feeling in Israel is that the media – of the world in general and Britain in particular – is biased in favor of one side," he continued. "You have to understand, the wave of terrorism is happening now in Israel in which innocent people are murdered only because they are Jews – there is no connection to the settlements, nothing to do with policy and failure to return to negotiations […] Jewish citizens are killed only because they did not do anything wrong to anyone."

Yesh Atid

Lapid referred to the inspiration that terrorists are getting via incitement in the media and the role of the Palestinian leadership in that incitement. 

"The Palestinian leadership must make a decision regarding the continuation of their policies, to take responsibility and stop the incitement," he fired. "When Abu Mazen [PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas – ed.] says that Jews violate the status quo on the Temple Mount, it does not help to stop the wave of violence."

"I have three children in Israel, you must understand the children in Israel are afraid to walk the streets."

Lapid stressed that there was no attempt to change the status quo on the Temple Mount and that this campaign is a campaign of lies and distortions, lead by the Palestinians with official Palestinian Authority (PA) support.  He further accused Abbas of using the campaign 
"to score political points at home." 

Yesh Atid

Later Wednesday, Lapid spoke with a group of student leaders on campus in the UK about the security situation in Israel, and how they can help Israel against biased coverage in the British media.

"What you have to say to those people who express support for BDS is that they do not even know what the goals of the organization they are working for are, and that people are using them to promote the objectives of their brutality," Lapid said. "You have remind them that they are motivated by Islamic extremist elements who rape their women and who believe in killing Jews because they are Jews and Christians because they are Christians and that they have no intention to be a Palestinian state alongside the state of Israel."


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