Lapid Warns Israel Has ‘Lost the Ear’ of the White House

Yesh Atid party chairman Yair Lapid slammed reports Tuesday morning that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu had been invited to the White House in July, just after the planned signing of a permanent nuclear agreement between Iran and the West. 

''This publication has not been confirmed but it's alarming because it means that the prime minister will be invited after the nuclear deal signed with Iran," Lapid said. ''It means that we have lost the ear of the White House at a critical moment." 

"The collapse of the relations between the Prime Minister and President [Barack] Obama makes us pay dearly," he added. "When it comes to the Iranian nuclear issue, there is no difference between the Opposition and the coalition."

"I visited the US last week, and the State of Israel explained [there] that it has a unified opposition to this agreement, particularly on the issue of [nuclear] supervision." 

Both Washington and Jerusalem denied reports Tuesday that Netanyahu had even been invited to the White House at all, but sources close to the Prime Minister quickly added that “if Netanyahu does receive such an invitation soon, he will certainly respond positively and head for the US to meet the American president.”


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